Men Fall in Love With Women Who Do This: The Little Things


Relationships are always changing. In fact, change is the only constant you can rely on when it comes to romance. Don’t expect things to remain the same, and definitely don’t expect your relationship to be easy. Your romance is either getting weaker or stronger, but it’s rarely staying the same. But when you put in the work, you will be rewarded over and over again. It’s time to anticipate all of these changes and learn how to navigate the kaleidoscopic sea of your man’s heart. If he’s starting to shut you out, go quiet, or act distant, you can reel him back in with a few simple words: “I need you.”


Men love feeling needed. Being able to provide for the woman they love gives a man a sense of purpose that is impossible to beat. Solely telling him how much you need him can work wonders on your man’s heart, but showing him is even more important. Men don’t talk. Either they simply don’t want to or they refuse to because talking about their feelings is emasculating. Instead of forcing your man to talk when he doesn’t want to, make he sure he hears you when you talk. When you say “I need you,” say it with a touch. Gently lace your fingers into his, tuck his hair behind his ear, or kiss him softly on the lips when you speak. Then leave it at that. This small gesture with those three small words will go miles. It’ll remind your man why he’s with you and also tease him sensually with the way it feels to be close to you.


If your man isn’t the talkative type, amp up your mind-reading skills by using small gestures of affection. Small actions will remind your man why he’s investing his time, his energy, and his heart into you. Your relationship should give him a sense of purpose, and your actions will speak much louder than words. Try this trick next time he seems upset or distant: greet your man with sweet texts in the morning or leave him little gifts of his favorite things. This will re-charge his brain and heart into thinking about you. For example, he’ll see that you’ve paid attention to him and remembered his favorite movie, so surprise him with dinner and a DVD after a long day at work. You know what it feels like when you get surprised with presents, so pay it forward and let him bask in that feeling of being wanted, needed, and loved.


Remember this the next time he stops texting. Don’t take it personally. Instead, spin it around and give it back to him with a subtle gesture that reminds him you’re there whenever he’s ready to talk. This display of support and affection will conquer his moody distance and send him right into your arms.