How to manage a group trip well? Are you planning to go on a trip with friends? To ensure that it runs smoothly, group travel requires a certain amount of preparation and organization. Florida Keys Travel offers some tips to maximize the success of your stay.

Choosing the right person to travel with

This step is of course fundamental. Travelling with others means sharing magical moments, living memorable experiences, creating memories for a lifetime, immersing yourself in a culture, and sometimes having to deal with stressful situations,

So make sure you leave with people who share your values, your open-mindedness and your taste for adventure. Make sure that these people have the same vision of travel as you do. There are several types of travellers: some are more idleness and Airbnb, others are more trekking in the mountains and youth hostel, etc.

Also take time to think before deciding how many people you will be leaving with. Travelling with two people can sometimes be a little stressful, while travelling with five people can be a little complicated at the organizational level and when making decisions.

Take all these parameters into account when choosing your travel companions.


When travelling alone, you can be impulsive, change your program along the way or follow your current desires. In groups, this can be a little more complicated, because all decisions have to be made in groups. To simplify your life and make the most of your stay, anticipate all the questions such as: which sites do we want to visit? What itinerary do we want to follow? What is our budget? What type of transport will we take? etc.

Going to others

When travelling in a group, there is a tendency to quickly create a comfort zone, from which it can be difficult to get out. For example, we will tend to go a little less towards others, because we will feel less need for them than during a solo trip. And above all, others will come less easily to us. If you feel that you are too withdrawn in your group, you can then make the effort to interact with the locals and other tourists. Indeed, it would be a shame to close ourselves to potential beautiful encounters.

Take time out on your own

Group travel does not necessarily mean spending all your days with your friends. It is also important to think about your independence and to take a few moments alone, away from the group. This will allow you to relax, do something that only you want to do, or just take time for yourself. Feel free to travel at your own pace, to take the time to enjoy every moment, without feeling rushed or constrained.

Define a budget

Money is probably the biggest source of tension when travelling in a group. To successfully manage economic issues effectively and without conflict, consider addressing them before the trip. Before you leave, define everyone’s budget. This will already give you a clear idea of the activities you can do and those you may have to give up.

To manage your expenses during the trip, there are several options available to you. For example, you can set up a common pool for group expenses, such as housing, transportation and food. Otherwise, you can organize your expenses independently.