Removing Wooden Fence Posts

Wooden fence posts in the Raleigh NC area are usually set 24″ in the ground and have a 60-80 pound concrete footer holding them in place. When the articles were established, there was surely the intention that the fencing they sustained would be around for many years. Now you have actually made a decision that the old fence requires to be eliminated. Obtaining the pickets off and also the runners down was a very easy job, but now you have a wooden fence post that are safely embedded in the ground and also appears to be content with remaining there. You ask on your own if there is a much easier way to get the fencing blog posts out that doesn’t require you to remove every ground.

The response is yes, there is an easier way! All you require is a drill, a 2 1/2″ paddle bit, a 4′ piece of deck board, and a bumper jack. A bumper jack also referred to as a farm jack, is a jack that was utilized years ago to raise cars and trucks to transform tires. The jack was developed to go under the bumper and also lift the lorry. Back in the day, bumpers were made from steel and can take the weight of the lorry.

Naturally, with existing day autos, this would certainly more than likely tear the bumper of your auto. Yet bumper jacks are still available in the majority of tractor supply and also farming shops. Bumper jacks can lift up to 5000 pounds. Ranch jacks, which look the specific same as a bumper jack, can raise 7000 lbs or even more. Both jacks cost around $75.00.

The method explained is for getting rid of wooden fence post that will be discarded. To put it simply, the posts will certainly not be able to be recycled. Place the 2 1/2″ paddle bit in your drill. Drill an opening half method via the fencing messages concerning 1 foot from the ground. Attempt not to copulate with the message. The suggestion is to make a hole huge sufficient to obtain the training mechanism of the jack right into. If you copulate via the post, the blog post might damage prior to appearing on the ground. For additional tips and information, check out True Built Fencing Austin to learn more.

Area the deck board on the ground in front of the post. The deck board assists transfer the stress and anxiety as well as a weight while pulling the message out so the jack doesn’t start entering into the ground as opposed to lifting out the article. Location the bumper jack on the deck board and place the lifting mechanism in the hole you made. Beginning pumping the jack as well as you will certainly see the article begin raising out of the ground. If the top of the jack wants to start moving forward, place the included guard on the face of the post. Keep functioning the jack-up until the blog post is out of the ground. You may need to buy hand-pull the message by the last couple of inches.

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